• Neha Agarwal

Will I ever find love?

I was asked that question a few days ago by a dear friend. After giving her some much-needed confidence boost I decided to write this blog. As the old adage goes “A watched pot never boils.” Hence love is very difficult to catch hold of when chased. It, however, catches hold of you when you least expect it.

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Finding love, unfortunately, has also become a social achievement thanks to all the romantic comedies our movie industry regularly comes up with. Having to live up to these social conformities can be a challenge. For all the beautiful people out there here are my two cents on the idea of love, marriage and beyond.

There’s no age to find love, get married or have kids

Also, none of those three things is important or mandatory to have in life. Everybody has a different time zone they operate in. Just like different countries have their sunsets and sunrises at different times, people too have their ups and downs at different points in time. Just because your best friend found his sweetheart at 17 and got married at 25 doesn't mean you have to too.

Go out and meet people

Love and loyalty are very high expectations to have from the start. Focus on developing your social circle for now. Find activities you like most and meet like-minded people who would take up those activities with you. Find a travel buddy and take a trip. Take up a sport and find a partner to play with. Find a gym buddy to workout with.

Believe in yourself

This is cliche but, very important. Partners are not meant to complete each other. Partners are meant to complement one another. You are complete on your own.

Work on your existing relationships

Many times the desire to have a romantic relationship sparks up because our other relationships are in a state of disdain. Give time to your parents, siblings and friends. They can make your life just as complete.

Be a better communicator.

Communication is always the differentiator between a couple who could make it and a couple that doesn't. If you have had a rough break-up, introspect what went wrong and where were the communication gaps. Take your past relationships as preparatory lessons for your next relationship.

Don’t give up hope

And finally, just don't do that. Hope is what keeps us all going. When you lose hope you turn your back to all the opportunities knocking at your door.


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