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Who Is Your Ideal Travel Companion?

This is a must-read article for all those who are venturing into the world of travelling with a companion. Whether this travel buddy is someone you have known for years or a new friend you met online, chances are a trip together can make or break your relationship. Read on to know what to look for in an ideal travel companion and also how to be one.

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Here are some traits of an ideal travel companion:

They don’t need babysitting

First things first. Travellers need to be independent. It's almost like dating. People are not meant to complete each other but, are meant to complement one another. A travel companion should be a bonus, not a liability. Good travel companions will have their own things to do when their buddies are not around. Have a book to read, a Netflix series to watch, catch up with friends back home or be on your own when your travel buddy is catching up on some sleep.

They know how to take great pictures

Selfies are the worst, even with a selfie stick. A great picture taken from the right angle can make a vacation a thousand times better. This one may not be a deal-breaker but, it is definitely a great skill to have. Expect to spend some time clicking pictures of your travel companion while getting yours clicked to rake up those social media numbers.

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Travelling with a companion can be hard to adjust to. Sometimes meeting strangers can be a shock to your culture. As a traveller have an open mind and be willing to go easy on people with starkly different values. An easy-going companion is pure bliss in tumultuous times.

Willing to experiment

Travelling in itself is an experiment. New cuisines, varied culture, different people and local laws can be very hard on the senses. A travel partner should be able to absorb in the shocks while also enjoying the beauty of the new place. Constantly complaining about the new place not having the amenities your home does is not the way to enjoy a trip. There will be countless new experiences along the way and true travellers are always willing to dive right in.

They pack well

A travel bag must be light and should carry all the essentials. An ideal traveller has that knack for packing the right stuff and the right quantity keeping in mind their capacity to lift the luggage. There's in fact nothing worse than having to lug your travel companion's luggage on a trip. So pack only what you need or be John Cena.

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Have a good sense of direction

This one is definitely a plus. The ability to follow maps and keep a track of directions can save countless hours and make the journey much less stressful.


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