• Neha Agarwal

What is online dating like for men?

This week we did some digging and went through consumer surveys to find out how different is online dating for men and women. We collated and came down to four key factors to define the online dating experience:

  • Likes and Skips

  • No. of matches and chats

  • Positive attention received

  • Online harassment

Over half of all online daters reported a positive experience, with negligible difference between men and women. Meanwhile, LGBTQ daters were even more likely to report an overall positive online dating experience.

man texting - online dating

"Out of 100 profile views, a male user likes 35 profiles and skips 65 while a female user likes only four and skips 96 profiles."

- An Internal survey by an Indian Dating App

According to this internal survey conducted during the lockdown period by dating app QuackQuack to review consumer behaviour, men are a lot less picky and a lot more appreciative on dating apps.

online dating for men

"A male user chats with 10 user profiles while a woman user does so with 25 user profiles on an average basis."

- An Internal survey by an Indian Dating App

Research suggests that men are also much more proactive on dating platforms. Men chat with comparatively more prospective dates before committing to one. So that's a win for men I guess.

online dating for men

"Men report being significantly less satisfied with the amount of attention they receive on dating apps compared to female swipers."

- Pew Research

This has to be partly credited to societal norms that expect men to always make the first move. Hence, on one hand, women report receiving excessive unsolicited attention, men report dissatisfaction with the amount of attention they receive.

online dating for men

"Men are only half as likely to experience harassment compared to women."

- Pew Research

While the members of LGBTQ+ report experiencing a lot more harassment, straight men significantly less harassment both in terms of quantity and severity. Most of the harassment reported by men has been attributed to political views and affliations.


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