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What is a Fitness Partner and How To Find Them?

Teaming up with a fitness partner can result in a stronger body, but it’s also an opportunity to cultivate stronger relationships. Because we all lead busy lives, exercising together can let you get a workout in and check-in with a buddy. And if you join a group of people who work out together, you can make new friends who can enrich your life in surprising ways.

We all have days when it’s tough to find the motivation to push through a challenging workout.

That’s where a fitness partner comes in. This person can-

1. Hold you accountable to your goals

2. Spot you during a set if needed

3. Provide a little competition to spur you on

4. Offer support if you’re feeling frustrated

5. Make a workout more fun

The benefits are too numerous not to give it a try. Learn how to find the right fitness partner and how to give each other a push with these tips. And get more workout suggestions on exercising with a friend.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fitness Partner

1. Find the right leader -

If you feel that you need a paid professional to manage your group, many gyms offer group-training packages that are cheaper than one-on-one personal training sessions. Everyone is holding one another accountable in class, not just me.”

Otherwise, see if someone in your group is willing to volunteer.

2. Get the word out -

To build our workout group, we simply answered questions when people asked and invited one person to join us at the gym. Supporting people and showing humility has always been the best way to make friends at the gym. One starting point for finding a fitness partner or creating a workout group is talking with co-workers or friends who have similar interests.

3. Search online -

I have experienced this firsthand as most of my best friends [now the family has met utilizing hashtags and locations on Instagram. The digital space has made it easy to connect with other like-minded individuals. One of the great boons of social media is the ability to connect with thousands of people-friends, family, and even strangers who might be looking for workout buddies.

Tips on How to Motivate a Friend

1. Consider a little competition -

Friends and partners can lift each other up by encouraging each other and, when done right, you can all be winners from the motivation. Try a gym triathlon elliptical, bike and treadmill to see who can log the most miles in a set time, or wear heart-rate monitors to a workout class to learn whose ticker is in the best shape.

2. Focus on the schedule -

keep in touch when sessions are canceled due to holidays and other factors a few weeks off can be a potential momentum killer, so hype everyone to get back into it. Make sure the group schedule is doable for all of your workout mates. Morning is a time when your energy is higher, and when everyone is more likely to be able to meet.

Hope this helped :)


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