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Top 10 Online Dating Tips for Women

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

It is time women take the reins of online dating into their hands and stop wondering if the Knight in Shining Armour would turn up.

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Be proud of how you look like

Always remember what Bruno Mars said, "You are beautiful just the way you are." Whether it is you in your photos or you being on a video call with your crush for the first time, nobody can resist a woman who has confidence oozing out of her skin.

Don’t hesitate to take the first step

With the apps like Woo and Bumble that actually encourage women to take the first step, it is definitely old-school to assume that the responsibility of courtship falls on men. Be the woman who takes the first step.

Don’t hold back on the emoticons

Conveying emotions through text is rough, man. So many times has it happened that we have misconstrued someone's intended meaning behind what they said because they choose to text instead of call. With online dating that only revolves around texting initially, emoticons are your best bet to convey the meaning as clearly and accurately as possible.

Be a little flirty

Pick up lines are not just for men. This is 2020. Also, it may catch him by sweet surprise if a woman happens to use a witty one liner at time. I mean who can resist falling for that? Shed your modesty norms and go all out.

Women fish for compliments but, men like them too.

I cannot stress this enough. Say it with me "All humans love compliments." So, don't just say thank you and smile coyly when he says something nice. Say something nice about him as well. Think about what you liked about him and let him know. I promise you he would be flattered.

Don’t put photographs with other people in it

Reiterating point no. 1, be confident of who you are. Online dating profile is YOUR profile and you must be the centre of attention. Don't leave it on the guy to figure out who he is about to date.

Don’t be afraid to be expressive and have a deep conversation

Wearing your heart on your sleeve once in a while can serve you well. Talk about things that really matter to you.

Don’t be shy.

Stop with the one word answers. Shy is not cute. Bollywood in the 60s may have gotten it right but, that's not who you should force yourself to be. Don't succumb to the hypothetical social standards.

Don’t judge too quickly

Be open to new kinds of people, even if they may not seem your type. You may be pleasantly surprised. And who knows may be you end up finding Mr. Right? :P

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