• Rishika Chaudhary

Things To Keep In Mind While Keeping a New Roommate.

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It may be your first time living with someone who isn’t a family member, so follow these tips to keep things respectful, comfortable, and considerate.

Your new flat is your ticket to independence and a soon-to-be home away from home. If you’re not getting along with your roommate, you’ll end up dreading returning to your dorm at night. Not every roommate will end up being your best friend. But if you follow these tips to being the best roommate you can be, your room can still be a harmonious haven.

1. Communicate Each other's Needs

You may not have given it much thought before, but you have habits and routines that you’re used to keeping at home. You may need quiet time in the morning to prepare for classes, or prefer to listen to music while studying.

If you’re lucky, your roommate will share many of your routines and preferences. But if not, it’s important for you to be direct and communicate your needs in a respectful way. It might help to explain why a certain behavior is helpful to you, so your roommate can understand where you are coming from.

2. Compromise & Be Flexible

Communicating your needs is important, but it’s just as important to remember that your roommate has her own needs as well. This is the perfect time to experiment and try new things, so be willing to compromise and meet your roommate halfway.

For example, if you prefer silence while studying, but your roommate needs to listen to music to concentrate, you could alternate days and study at the library sometimes instead of in your room.

3. Get to Know Your Roommate

After getting to know your roommate’s habits, you may think the two of you could never get along. Don’t judge too quickly; if you take time to get to know your roommate you could discover that you have more in common than you think.

4. Make a Roommate Contract

You and your new roommate can use a roommate contract to clarify things such as visiting hours, quiet time, and cleaning duties. You can also discuss how you’ll resolve any issues that arise, and what to do if a roommate doesn’t follow the agreement.

5. Respect Your Roommate’s Space

Now that you share a room with someone, it’s important to set boundaries. It’s easy to find that you’re constantly using each other’s belongings and spending a lot of time together, but it’s more healthy to give each other space and respect each other’s property.

Be sure to ask before using your roommate’s things. If you find you’re spending too much time together, try to spend time with other friends and classmates as well, and give your roommate space to do the same.

6. Be Open & Loyal

Don’t be afraid to talk about any small issues before they grow into larger ones. It’s better to resolve them early. It may seem like leaving a note is an easy and gentle way to inform your roommate of a problem, but speaking to her face-to-face is better since notes can be so easily misinterpreted.

In Last - Be the brave one — begin the conversation! Ask a few things about your new friend, show genuine interest, give appropriate compliments, and don't forget to listen! Then share relevant things about yourself, but keep it short and don't force anything. Before you know it, you'll feel more comfortable than ever.

Hope this information helped you! :)