• Neha Agarwal

Signs You Have Found The Perfect Travel Companion

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Wondering if you are one of the lucky few to have found the perfect travel companion? Finding a compatible companion is a rare feat in itself. Read on to know if you have found the gold mine.

You are on the same sleep schedule

Like begets like. If party-goers and early risers are paired together, it can be a wild ride but if you two have the same sleep schedule that indicates that you have found the perfect travel companion. If your travel buddy sleeps through your snores like a horse, it is essentially a win-win.

You are comfortable in silence

When you are getting to know someone, silence is awkward. There is an intrinsic urge to fill up the void with words. The best sign to judge if you have gelled well with a person is to check if you two are comfortable with silence. Not talking can be sign of a deeper connection.

You have the same taste in food

If I like Thai and you like North-Indian, you and I are going to have to make a lot of compromises. Considering humans need to eat at least 3 meals, that makes 1.5 compromises a day. Are you willing to compromise so much while simultaneously keep with the math of 1.5?

You respect each other's time and interests

And thus you are okay to compromise. You understand how important it can be for the other person to immerse in art and thus you choose to go to the museums even if that's not your ideal. Your partner should do the same for you.

You can agree to disagree

Long hauls can land you in tough conversations. You are bound to stray away from superficial topics and may venture into sensitive issues. To add fuel to the fire, you may have very different opinions. For example, your political ideologies may be poles apart. But, remembering you are here on a vacation you agree to disagree.

You don't judge each other

This person is someone that you are going to spend days at a foreign land with and it’s essential that you can still be yourself. So go ahead and eat that dessert first and order the pineapple on your pizza.

You keep each other's spendings in check

Travel buddies encourage responsible behaviour in one another. The devil is always around the corner to make you unnecessary splurge. That's when one needs their travel buddy.

You encourage each other to take risks

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is the perfect travel buddy movie. You have to encourage each other to try things the other wouldn't dream of doing. To shed your fears and break out of your comfort zone is the entire point of the travel catharsis.

You are equal partners in planning your itinerary

Nobody likes an indecisive partner or an indifferent partner. A proactive partner makes the journey all the more fun and worthwhile.


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