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Pros And Cons Of Having Travel Companion

Deciding whether to travel solo or with another person is an essential question to ask—and a decision not to be taken lightly. If you aren’t sure whether your next trip is fit for a one-man show, or if you’d be better off with a buddy, here are a few things to keep in mind before you pack your bags.

pros and cons of having a travel companion


With a travel companion, you can find and develop even more local acquaintances. On the other hand, solo travel opens doors to meeting people you normally wouldn’t have noticed and visiting places that wouldn’t have been to on a shared itinerary. Since you are alone you may be forced to talk to people around you but, this can quickly turn to a con if you are shy. With a travel partner, you can also creatively brainstorm ways to communicate with locals in case there is a language barrier.

Planning your day

On one hand, with a travel partner, you would have to compromise at times. It is not possible that both of you would want to do the same things all the time. So giving up your freedom is a definite con. But, with a companion, you can bounce off ideas and come up with a creative itinerary that neither of you could think of alone.


Travelling with another person definitely helps you save costs on your trip. However, this could topple up if you and your partner are poles apart. If your partner would go to only luxury restaurants whereas you would save your money by hoarding on street vendors, this could end badly. With a keen sense of observation at your hostel or at a local restaurant, you can scope out other single travellers looking to share a cab or split the cost of a multiple-person entry fee. If you have found your travel companion online, it is best to speak about these things before you begin that trip.


Going solo, one inevitably becomes hyper-sensitive about what is going on around and consciously make smarter decisions. However, after dark, it’s always better to be accompanied in a foreign territory. You’re less likely to be singled out as a potential victim if someone else is present.


Travel, especially for long-duration, can inadvertently make you homesick. A travel buddy can help ease the transition into a foreign environment. Having a friend to speak to throughout the trip will alleviate the feeling of loneliness one might encounter during solo travel.


Although the digital world has made it incessantly easy to share everything on social media, sometimes it is worth it to have a person present in-person to share the moment with us. Although a selfie stick clicks great photos, a travel buddy with decent photography skills can click better ones.

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