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Pros And Cons Of Having Gym Partner

Having a workout buddy has its ups and downs. It depends on your workout routine and your personality whether one would be beneficial or not. Read on to know the pros and cons of having to workout with a buddy.

workout buddy & gym buddy

The Pros of Having a Gym Partner

  1. A gym partner can help keep you accountable for your workout routine on a daily and weekly basis since you will count on each other to show up.

  2. Beats the boring out of longer rest times between sets

  3. You will always have a spotter. My biggest frustration when lifting alone is looking around for someone who looks like they can spot and then see if they want to take time out of their workout to help a stranger.

  4. You will always have a coach. They may have some knowledge of exercise and having someone to help watch your technique is a nice perk to have.

  5. A workout buddy can provide you with much-needed motivation during your workout. They can help you turn that bad day into a good gym day.

  6. Your competitive spirit will be set on fire. Sometimes working out with someone who is a little more advanced than you can help you become more ambitious and hence you may end up doing more.

  7. You will have variety in your routine. Following each other's programs helps to keep things different and progressive over the course of the year.

workout buddy & gym buddy

The Cons of Having a Gym Partner

  1. Double the people means double the reps and hence double the time. It may not always be the case but, when you have a tight schedule, time and efficiency are important.

  2. You may have unaligned goals. When your goals are different from the ones of your gym partner, it is hard to train the exact same way you want. You will most likely end up showing up at the same time to workout but training on your own.

  3. Being dependent on someone else can really limit your workout when that person is not there. If you do not know something about a particular exercise and rely on your gym buddy, what do you do when they can not join you?

  4. Laziness can run rampant. If you pick a partner who is lazy or lacks commitment then it can start to affect your efforts around your fitness goals.

  5. You may be getting into too much conversation. If you can not limit the talking then your rest times will last longer making your workouts less effective. If you routinely talk during the sets then you are not exercising hard enough.

  6. You may be just a little too different. Loading and unloading plates all the time is annoying and fitness partners with stark differences in physical capabilities can get arduous. Add some fluidity in your workout to aid the situation.

Personally, loneliness is more injurious to health than anything else. There is absolutely nothing better than working out and spending quality time with friends at the same time.


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