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Online Dating Tips for men

No matter how you put it, online dating can be daunting for many. With an overwhelming number of digital dating platforms and an endless stream of prospective partners, how will you ever stand out? Fret not, we have come to your rescue, folks.

Here are our top 10 online dating tips for men:

Personalize your message

Don’t just say hi, personalize your message at least a little. You don’t have to write a novel, but a couple of sentences so that I know you’re aren’t just fishing around.

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Kindness truly is hot, so if you’re trying to impress a woman, that’s an excellent place to start. No woman likes a show-off so be polite and put your best foot forward.

Have good photos

Have a good, recent photo. Don’t have pictures of your cars or other trophies. Don’t put up cropped up photos and leave behind a hand on your shoulder.

Don't just compliment the physical attributes

When approaching a woman, don’t start out with a compliment on her physical appearance. Comment on something in her picture, but not her looks, or comment on something in her profile that caught your eye. Don’t be afraid to tell a woman how you really feel about something. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion and she will appreciate the honesty.

Use her name

People love hearing their name so use if often. Don’t start out by calling a woman sweetie or beautiful or other nicknames until you get to know her well.

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End the conversation with a question

If you want the conversation to continue, end the conversation for the day with a question to be answered later.

Don't be shy

Don’t look at a woman’s dating profile a million times and say nothing. In this case, even a "hi" is good if you’re at a loss for what to say

Give shy people a second chance

If someone you are chatting with, be patient with them. They might take time to open up but, introverts tend to have a world inside them waiting to be discovered.

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Have an open mind

There are tons of different kinds of people in the world out there. So be open to meeting different kinds of people online rather than having a rigid outset.

Know what you are after

You should be aware of what type of relationship you're after. Whether it's a no-strings-attached rendezvous, casual dating, or a serious relationship, pick one and create your profile with that in mind.


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