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Is Online Dating Worth It?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

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In this digital era when artificial intelligence is capable of doing everything from recommending movies to switching off lights, the time is not far away when the answer to the question “How did you two meet?” will be “We met by AI”. Research shows that about 66% of online daters have found a match online and about 23% have also found a spouse! The stigma around online dating is swiftly vanishing as the line between social networking and dating slowly blurs. Here are the top reasons why online dating is definitely worth a try.

Singles Environment

Online dating saves you the pain and embarrassment of asking out a person who is already in a relationship with someone else.

single dating - online dating - compatible companion

Filter Your Mates

Technology can actually help you filter your mates by your interests. For example, a simple sort feature allows you to find potential dates in people interested in traveling or fitness or books, making finding compatible companions a whole lot easier.

It’s safer

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Say it with me: "Online Dating is S-A-F-E!" It goes without saying that if a person goes all creepy on you, you can block them. You don’t have to exit the site to avoid your stalker which is pretty much what we would have to resort to otherwise.

Gender and Sexuality Inclusive

377 has been shoved down the drain and for all those out there looking for mates, online dating has come to your rescue. Online dating has opened new realms for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and gender non-conformists to find perfect partners.

homosexual dating - compatible companion - online dating

Crowded Social Space

With so many people logging on to online dating sites, it has become much easier to find a date. Meeting people outside one’s social circle has never been easier. Whether you are 25 or 50+, have nonconformal sexual preferences, looking only for long-distance relationships, or are just bogged down by the societal angst against dating in your area, online spaces provide you with the much-needed rescue.


Lastly but most importantly, it is convenient. You don’t actually have to make an effort to get out of your bed, dress up and show up until you find the person you are very much interested in meeting. After all who doesn't find to find their "special someone" from the comfort of their home?

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We hope you find your special someone super soon. Fret not, if you haven't. Read our blog on Best Dating Apps, instead. Have fun!


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