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Tips to get the conversation going with your crush

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

You have been smiling a lot recently. Every time you see that person your face lights up and you instantly have google eyes. I know how that feeling is. I have been there. And I have also been at the position where I stared blankly at my crush because I was tongue-tied.

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Scour their social media

First things first. Make sure you are well-read about the person you have developed a liking for. If you have found a match online, checking their LinkedIn or Facebook will give you extra assurance that they are who they say they are. Also, scouring someone’s social media account gives you a lot of information on their likes and dislikes, information that you can use to your advantage as you will discover in this article.

Imagine you have known them for years

We have all been there. Staring at our crush tongue-tied with nothing to say. But let’s admit it we have stalked on social media a gazillion times so we know a lot more about them than they know we know, you know? So you don’t even have to imagine or pretend that you have known them for a long time. Just speak to them like you would meet an old friend, with the same confidence and be just as comfortable around them.

Have a conversation ready for the first 30 seconds

Before you call, text or meet them, be prepared about what you two are going to talk about. Do a little research and see how their interests align. Ask them if they have watched the latest episode of Dark? Or ask them about the latest Bollywood movie? Or tell them about your weekend plan with your friends and ask them if they would like to join.

Have a few dating ideas planned before asking them out

If you are yet to ask them out, have a few ideas planned out as per their interests as well as a few days and timings. Be specific. “There’s a very interesting Karaoke Bar around the corner that serves amazing coffee. We can go there if you are free on Saturday evening.” If your heart-throb says "No, I am not into Karaoke", change gears and ask if they like movies instead because the new SRK movie is out. This is much more likely to receive a positive response than the standard “Will you go out with me?” Also, pick up lines are for baby boomers.

Ask a mildly soul-baring question

Remember Season 8 of Friends? Regardless of whether you have always rooted for Ross-Rachel or Joey-Rachel, we can learn one thing from Rachel’s first date trick. Ask a mildly personal question. Get over the movies and the superficial stuff and ask a little personal question but, don’t get under their skin. “Where did you grow up?” is a good start.

Use their name

More endearing than any other term, people love their own name. Use their first name often when you address. “What’s up, Neha?” as a text conversation starter is better than just “Hey, what’s up?”


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