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How To Meet Travel Companions Online?

“We travel not to escape the world but, for the world to not escape us.”

Travelling alone can be empowering but, it can also be arduous. Having a travel buddy infinitely spices up the trip. The web has opened up opportunities to meet other travellers as well as locals in the city one is travelling to. Frequent travellers will agree that there is nothing better than having a local to show you around. And finally, when you finish reading this blog you will realize that you don't have to travel to get the benefits of travel. You can join one of the travel communities and meet people from all over the world in your own city.

find travel buddy - meet compatible companion


Gaffl is a place for travellers to meet online and connect. Make an account, get your social media accounts verified, and then find a compatible travel companion from a huge repository of people travelling to the same place as you are around the same time.

find travel companion - travel buddy - gaffl website

Trip Together

Trip together is more open-ended than Gaffl is. You can basically just set an age range and look for a travel buddy. If who the travel buddy is matters more to you than the actual travel destination this might be just for you.

trip together - find travel buddy

Trip Giraffe

Trip Giraffe lets you create a travel plan and then wait till someone joins or you can request to join an existing travel plan. If you are fond of people, especially love large groups and don't want to be bogged down by the extensive planning travelling to a new city requires, this might be just for you.

group travel - travel plan - trip giraffe

Travel Sisters

If you are a woman and are comfortable travelling with other women only, this might be the website for you. Although you get to choose your companion on every other platform, this website is dedicated to women exclusively.

women travel - travel sisters - find travel companion

5W: Women Welcome Women Worldwide

The goal of this non-profit organisation is to create a safe community for women to travel all over the world. It is a couch-surfing, Air Bnb, travel buddy website combined into one. Women can find a host in their travel destination and can also sign up to host other women in your city.

travel companion - local travel - couch surfing

Global Greeter Network

This again is a volunteer-run network. Their volunteer network spans over 200 cities around the globe where locals offer free walking tours. Basically Greeters are people who love their city so much they volunteer to show it to travellers for free. How cool is that!

walking local tour - find travel companion

Lonely Planet Facebook Group

Lonely Planet is the famed website for all your travel queries. You can also request to join their Facebook group which is a growing community of travellers and meeting compatible companions.

Now, go out there and travel the world with your new-found travel buddy!


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