• Rishika Chaudhary

How To Find True Love?

True Love is an emotion between lovers. Don’t you think how amazing it is finding someone who fills your life and meets your spiritual, emotional, and physical needs are hard and don’t happen to everyone?

You may have heard it said that love finds you when you least expect it. Though that might feel true, another explanation is more likely: We make ourselves more lovable for others by falling in love with ourselves first. It's not that people who find partners do so because they aren't looking for love. It's just that people are at their most lovable and attractive when they're fully enjoying their lives.

Follow Your Passions

Trying to come across as what you think is impressive will do you no favors in the long run. For example, pretending that you’re way more into hiking than you your passions and hobbies, you will inevitably find someone to connect over those things with.

If you pretend you run marathons on the weekends, you’re bound to meet someone who will put that to the test. You want to meet someone who likes the real you, so be genuine.

You Won’t Know If You Like Online Dating Unless You Try It.

Dating sites are probably the most effective and helpful tools available to singles today. They save us time, energy, and money — not to mention they’re a lot of fun. If you’re on the fence about online dating, we’ve just given you a good list of reasons why you really don’t need to be. It’s at least worth a try, and if you decide it’s not for you, that’s totally fine. But if you never try online dating, you’ll always wonder what you might be missing out on.

Self Believe

It’s relatively easy to sign up, pick your photos, and start swiping. It’s much harder to communicate with other people, to put yourself out there, to say, “Hey you look like a nice person.”Many people use dating apps but panic a bit when it comes to initiate or respond to a conversation.

Once you have connected online, let things flow naturally and you will meet when you both feel ready and interested.

Be attractive.

Let us face it. Before you can feel romantic love for a person, you get attracted first. Therefore, making yourself presentable can make it easier for your true love to find you. First, you have to look and smell clean. Next, accentuate your assets or the best parts of your body or face. Then, be creative in improving or at least accepting your flaws (in contrast to hiding them).

Wait For The Right Company.

Being in the right place and with the right kind of people will help you meet the right person for you. For this reason, be wise in choosing your circle of friends. Their environment determines the kind of person that surrounds them.

For instance, if you do not like the party-animal kind of partner, then avoid hanging out a lot with party-animal friends. Friends of the same feather flock together, remember?

Do not let your emotions cloud your decisions.

Like what I mentioned in the previous tip, you cannot think straight when you are in love. Remember, true love is beyond feelings. Do not immediately decide to accept a person into your life. You have to base your decision on many factors. You can refer to the previous tips, and see if the person fits the true love criteria.

Let love find you.

These tips can only help you increase the chance of finding the right person for you. However, there is no formula that can create true love. It just happens beyond conscious effort, and if handled well, it will surely last.

Do not try too hard on finding your true love. Let love find you, instead. And while waiting for it to arrive, focus on loving yourself.


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