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How To Find A Travel Buddy?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Travelling with a friend is not only great fun and good for your budget (you can split transport and accommodation costs) but it is also a very effective way to minimize risk; if you get sick or injured your buddy can look after you. If you’re going travelling solo, you can find like-minded travel companions online to either meet at your travel destination or even travel there together, to begin with. Making connections with travel friends is also a good way of giving yourself some psychological reassurance that you’re not plunging wholly into the unknown.

Ask Your Family & Friends

Let’s start with the obvious one simply asking your friends and/or family. Chances are, this would be the first source when looking for a travel companion. It makes total sense. After all, these are your nearest and dearest; the people you love most in the world. Who better to explore it with?!

Another benefit of having your current friends/family as your travel buddy is that you know them so well already.

Travel isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Whether you’re road-tripping in a van, backpacking SouthEast Asia, or interrailing around Europe, you’re sure to go through a fair share of ups and downs. Being with somebody you trust, and who understands you from the outset, will help you navigate them. Moreover, you know you get on well together.

That doesn’t mean you won’t argue and fall out on the road. But you avoid any awkward teething periods of getting to know someone new.

Travel Apps & Sites

Friends and family aren’t always available. In fact, you might be surprised how often they won’t be able to join you. People end up with different priorities. They might want to get straight into a job after university. They might want to go straight to university after school. Heck, they might just want to settle down and get a dog! Family and friends can simply be caught up in their own lives; they don’t have the time to travel.

As hard as it is to understand, you’re forced to lace up your boots (preferably minimalist hiking boots like these) and look elsewhere. And, as with most problems we have, the internet can hold the answers!

Travel websites and apps can be another great source of travel buddy for your coming trip. Go online and you’ll find a mass of sites where people are looking for a buddy to explore the world with. Obviously, there are some weirdos out there too.

Be wary of going for the first person who messages you and be sure to video chat with them beforehand. You don’t want any nasty surprises when you get out there!

Facebook Groups

Facebook offers a similar source where you can meet people online and plan your travel with. It doesn’t matter the country. Simply search for backpacker groups related to that specific location. It shouldn’t take long to find what you’re looking for! You can (almost) guarantee there’ll be people advertising travel plans in the hope of finding a companion.

Can’t find anything suitable? Leave a message on the group to see if someone’s interested in joining you. Tell them a bit about yourself and those sorts of things you’d like to do in the country. Invite them to message you on Facebook. It’s a great way of making connections and meeting Travel Partners online.

These groups have a veritable treasure trove of information too. Be sure to have a browse around. They’re often full of useful tips and insight into a destination.

Prefer Organized Tour

Tourism/travel is a major industry all over the world. Basically every country out there has tour companies serving the market. There are tours for specific locations, age-ranges, styles of travel, and so on.

These tours take the effort out of traveling. They often arrange everything from itineraries to accommodation. All that’s left to do is turn up and enjoy the ride.

Sure, you pay for the privilege. But, for shorter trips, it’s a great way to explore a country and have an awesome experience with none of the hassle. Even better, you join a bunch of other people looking for exactly that same thing.

You explore the country, partake in activities, and share in the entire experience altogether. This is one of the easiest ways to meet your travel partner.

Let Life Do Its Thing

This is my final suggestion for you, and it’s a little out of the left-field: Why not just let life do its thing?

Rather than sitting looking for a travel buddy to adventure with, just enter into the experience of it and see what happens.

As the suggestions above showcase, there are countless opportunities to meet people on the road. It doesn’t take long for life to funnel you into a situation full of lovely fellow travelers.

Travel’s full of chance encounters. You never know what’s going to happen. Rather than forcing your search for a friend to experience it with, I’d be tempted just to go where the wind takes you.

Be flexible, brave, spontaneous and intrepid as you go. Let the experience happen, and, somehow, the universe just seems to respond! If you truly want a travel companion, then you’ll end up with one.

Finding a perfect travel buddy is always difficult. But, having a travel buddy can make the trip more enjoyable and less lonely. It helps to have someone to split the expenses with, so you can save up for your next trip. A travel partner also minimizes risks associated with traveling alone.

Good Luck :)


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