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How To Find a Technical Co-Founder?

A great idea isn’t enough for a startup to become successful. You can have a million-dollar idea, a perfect business plan, investors willing to pay you, potential customers waiting for your product but without a strong technical front, your business is bound to fail.

When entrepreneurs start a new business they usually hire freelance developers. A lot of small businesses use this approach, but if you don’t have a tech background or at least a tech lead in your existing team it will be difficult to create a scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

First up, let's get the definitions straight.

Technical co-founder

A technical founder is one of the key roles in a company. It is a person who will be responsible for all the tech-related processes and have a share of overall profit. In this case, he or she will also call you a cofounder of his company, a non-technical cofounder.

Chief Technical Officer

CTO is an employee who will be hired to be your technical director.

Tech Partner

Tech partner can be an outsourcing company or business team which will care about all the development processes of your company.

coder - technical co-foiunder

Next, let's address the question

Where can you find a technical co-founder for your business?

Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and even WhatsApp may seem obvious choices to share your story but let me take the liberty to introduce some very interesting alternate platforms:

Co-founders Lab

It’s a network of 40,000+ founders, advisers and interns all looking to work with start-ups. The free plan allows you to contact up to 5 people a month.

cofounders lab

Founders Nation

This allows one to join using their Facebook profiles and also enables one to filter out the searches using location and skill set. However, it is only available for people in London, New York and Israel.

founders nation


This site enables you to find co-founders based on their skill set. Be it developers, designers, engineers, marketers, product managers, business developers, salespersons and advisors. You can also launch your startup on the site, get your very first customers and get funding.


Start Hawk

Start Hawk seeks to build a global community of entrepreneurs connecting people from across the globe to found companies.

start hawk


It’s the perfect place to find a CTO or work under one to build your tech start-up.

code army

Hope this helps. All the best with your start-up!


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