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How To Find A Date Online?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

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Take Yourself On The Date You Always Wanted To Go To

There’s this cute little coffee shop right around the corner which you always suggest to your friends for every kind of date. If you can relate to this, go there yourself more often even if you aren’t seeing anyone. There’s no rule saying that single people cannot go to romantic places. Take yourself on the perfect date.

Travel With A Group Tour Organising Company

Imagine this. A woman loves travelling. Her dream guy has to be a travel junkie. What’s the probability she is going to find him at her workplace? Just follow Deepika Padukone from Tamasha and go on a solo trip to France and there’s a good chance you will find your Ranbir Kapoor there. Low on budget? No problem. Pondicherry is close enough. Just get out of your city. Love will hit you when you least expect it.

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Do One New Activity

Pick up a new hobby. Learn one new thing. That’s the best way to expand your social circle. How about joining a course on the appreciation of art, learning French, or learning to play an instrument? Colleges are so notorious for love, break-ups and hook-ups not because young people are horny but because there is no limit to available choices. So join a class and get to learning. And you know what they say “An education never goes to waste”

Join a Gym

If you are into fitness, gyms are a great place to meet other people who are into fitness and are smoking hot. Plus, as collateral damage, you will have a nicely chiseled physique.

Play a Sport

Flex those rusty muscles and pick up a sport. Swimming, tennis, squash, and rock-climbing are all very interesting options. Interesting people like to date interesting people.

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Treat Dating Like A Social Experiment

Data Science is not the next but the current big thing! When Amazon, Facebook, and every other website is collecting data why should you be left behind? Ask people out and even if they say no, treat it like a data collection exercise. Analyze what works and what doesn’t then refine your strategy and get set go!

Challenge Your Negative Social Beliefs

If you have seen the movie PK, you would know that Anushka Sharma lost her true love because her doubts about Pakistanis and religion got to her. Sometimes even though we may be very accepting of differences in people around us, we inadvertently could be avoiding certain people because of our subconsciously solidified beliefs. Date people, you thought you never would. You would find yourself pleasantly surprised.

Take Your Headphones Out

Striking up a conversation with someone using earphones is incredibly hard. Trump might be all about building a wall but, nothing keeps people out as earphones do. If you are looking for people to date, you might want to give Spotify a break.

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Go to places where the guy/girl you are likely to be attracted to would go

Long story short, don’t go to a bar just to meet people. Go to a bar to meet people if you are into dancing, loud music, and booze. If you are into reading, join a book club even if that is not the way our contemporary media shows how compatible people meet.

Finally, always remember, “What you seek is seeking you”.


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