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How to choose a travel companion?

Technology has made it a hundred times easier to find a travel companion. Spoilt for choice, you need to be armed with the right knowledge on how to choose the travel companion that is perfect for you. Before you commit to taking that trip together, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

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First things, first.

Similarities versus Differences

Have a conversation with your prospective travel buddy to figure out your similarities and differences. The more the similarities, the better. But, the important thing that you want to know is if your differences are trivial or are they big enough to cause animosity. All things said, keep an open mind. Having a travel buddy from another country can open a whole new world of experiences.


Age of your travel companion can sometimes play a huge factor in how well aligned you two are. Interests, tolerance and energy levels vary across ages. If you someone who doesn't have any friends outside of your age group then it may not be a good idea to experiment with on your trip.

Common interests

How do you want to experience the trip? What about your partner? Some of us are more laid back than others. Some prefer waking up early and covering as many places as possible in a short time. There’s always a trade-off between day time sightseeing and enjoying the nightlife of a city. Make sure you read up on local events, festivals and gatherings to decide which ones you will attend.

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Before you take that trip together, decide what each of your budgets are and what you intend to spend them on. For most people, food is the biggest expenditure while travelling and often gets missed out while making travel plans. Whether you prefer fine dining restaurants or street food or a combination of both should be decided early on.

Dietary Preference

Some people may have strict dietary preferences and accommodating may not be always possible. For example, if you are vegan then travelling with a person who loves meat may not be ideal. You may struggle to find restaurants that offer both. If you or your partner have any allergies that significantly prevent you from eating at varied food places, you must discuss it with each other.

Energy Levels

Travelling is physically exhausting. So, you must find a partner with similar fitness levels as you are. Nobody wants to trek a beautiful mountain while sulking because their partner either left them behind or their partner is too slow to catch up.

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Travel for someone who speaks their mind

This one should be a life mantra. Whether it is work, date or travel having to deal with a push-over or being one is arduous in the long run. One may put up with all the people throughout the trip only to vent in the end. Make sure you convey your concerns and give space to your buddy to express theirs as well.


Finally, find a partner who is trustworthy. The biggest pro of having a travel buddy over travelling solo is that one feels safe and secure. Talk it out with your companion before you take the tour with them.

Good luck!


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