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How To Ask A Guy Out For A Date?

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

Sometimes approaching a guy and striking up a conversation with him over text or call can go quite well but asking him out without sounding creepy becomes a tough task Especially when you don’t know much about him and are unsure about his feelings for you. However, Waiting for the perfect time may result in making your story simply, one-sided.

If you want to know him better but don't want to make things complicated by planning anything exclusive, asking him for a cup of coffee can be the safest deal. A coffee date is a good option for killing the awkwardness vibes between both of you. For those who don’t know how to ask a guy out for a date? The following are some amazing ways you can try the next time you see him. Check out our huge list of Cheesy pickup lines. These may spark a conversation, put a smile on the other person, and may even lead to a date.

Some steps that can help you in asking a Guy Out For A Date -

Step 1

Approach the Men you want to ask out in a confident manner. Self-confidence is an attractive trait and an important part of making a first impression. Smile, be upbeat, and make direct eye contact with her when you see her.

Step 2

Look for a receptive response. If he looks at you as you approach without turning away, or if he smiles slightly or looks at you with some curiosity, it is a good sign that he is open to speaking with you.

Step 3

Smile and make a respectful gesture to him. Smile as you approach him to show deference for encroaching on his space and interrupting whatever he is doing.

Step 4

Introduce yourself and compliment him. You might tell him he caught your eye the minute he walked in, or that you've seen him here often and noticed he was reading a book from your favorite author. The compliment can be anything nice, but not too cheesy, and it gives you an excuse to approach him.

Step 5

Check his body language. If he smiles, tilts his head towards you, turns his chair to face you, stares, you can bet that he is responding positively and just may accept a coffee date with you.

Step 6

Be casual, but direct. Don't beat around the bush by asking if he likes coffee or if he has plans later. Just ask him if he wants to grab a coffee. For example, you might say, "You want to grab a coffee at that new coffee bar on Maple Street?" Asking in a casual manner alleviates the pressures that come with a formal date.

Step 7

Set specific, but flexible plans. If he says "yes," avoid making ambiguous coffee date plans, such as "sometime next week" or "later this week." Instead, suggest a specific time, date, and location. If he can't make it at that time but says he would still love to get coffee with you, ask him what time would work best with his schedule and make set plans. Look forward to a successful coffee date.

Tips to Ask a Guy Out For Date

Most women feel under pressure when it comes to figuring out how to ask a guy for a cup of coffee. So let's discuss some tips that can help you in asking him out on a date.

# Be Confident

Yes! Men Like Women who approach them with a bit of self-confidence. Confidence and good conviction are the two traits important that can help you win over the battle of love. Be assured and make the guy you are crushing on feel that you are confident. Keep smiling and make direct eye contact whenever you see him.

# Check His Response

Before you approach her, it’s better to look for his response. If he looks at you and smiles back then, you can take it as a good sign that you can’t neglect. Directly approach him making a respectful gesture while you invade his personal space and don’t forget to compliment him.

# Don’t Ask Immediately

He may seem interested now, but it is certainly not the right time to ask for the date. It’s better to bide some time as asking directly for a date can make you look desperate. So even if you become friends in your first meeting don’t be too aggressive to ask for coffee instantly. Give some time and let his curiosity build-up for some time.

# Coffee is Casual

When you ask for a coffee make it sound casual rather than exclusive and ask him directly for a cup of coffee while suggesting a good place near you. As being casual will help both of you, remove the awkwardness barrier.

# Use Pick Up Lines

You can ask her for the coffee date directly while you are talking to him asking “are you up for the coffee this week? “However, to make it sound cute, you can say “sorry, but now you owe me a cup of coffee.” When he asks you “why” you can say because “as we have met and now I want to know more about you” this may look cheesy and clumsy but has worked for many.

# Be Specific and Quite Flexible

While setting a plan for the coffee date you need to be a bit specific about time saying “sometime next week” or “any time” is dangerous. So better set a specific time, location, and date and ask him for that, if the time doesn’t suit her then you need to ask him for a suitable time and set it accordingly.

That’s All…

Asking a guy for a date is not that tough when you girls are equipped with the right approach. So don’t overthink as the process is very easy and what you need is the proper execution of these approaches. Just remember to stick to the above tips. With them in mind, you will win her interest in you and can ask him out easily. Who knows he is still waiting for you to approach him first. It is perfectly the right moment to ask him for a cup of coffee. If you have not seized it today there are chances that you will lose the opportunity for a lifetime.

Hope this Information Motivated you! Good Luck:)


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