• Neha Agarwal

Busting 8 Myths on Online Dating!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Online Dating is catching up fast. Make sure your prudeness doesn’t leave you off the bandwagon. Here are a few stereotypes you must get rid of ASAP and find your next date the AI way.

No one is serious on an online dating site

Everyone leads busy lives these days. Besides with the choices available online and considering artificial intelligence does all the work for you to match you with someone with your exact interests, more and more people are looking for partners online.

Every website is full of stalkers

This one is a funny one. The obvious answer is No. However, to put your concerns at ease, you can always block your online stalker unlike a physical one. So online dating is definitely safer than offline.

Every site is unsafe

With Facebook on the news with charges of leaking their users’ private data, concerns for privacy have gone up. However many sites go the extra mile to protect your privacy. Read our list of Best Dating Apps to know the pros and cons of various online dating spaces.

Everyone is lying

It is definitely easier to lie online but, lying to put the best impression on your potential mate is not unheard of. However, your people skills will come handy here. Spend some time talking to your potential mate before meeting them. Getting to know each other the old fashioned way, i.e., through conversations is the best way to avoid surprises.

Online relationships are doomed.

People feel uncomfortable sharing their partners online but, do you know how arranged marriages happened in the golden days? Matrimonial ads in the newspaper. People have always used the latest technology to find their life partners. It’s no surprise that like newspapers was the go-to method 20 years ago, online dating is the millennial way.

Online Dating is for the desperate.

People who take action to get what they want in life are not to be labelled desperate. Give online dating a try before labelling yourself or others.

Online Dating is to blame for the hookup culture

Whether you choose to blame the west, east, north, south or technology, this culture is here to stay. Being sexually open is nothing to be ashamed of. If a hook-up or one night stand doesn’t work for you, be confident about sharing your preferences. There are plenty of fishes in the sea with the same thought process as you.

Fake profiles everywhere!

Fake profiles are online scammers who make these profiles to make money off of you or take other sensitive information. Bots are another thing you need to watch out for.


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