• Neha Agarwal

Artificial Intelligence and Dating Apps

If you are not familiar with Google Voice, Siri, and Alexa, you must be living under a rock. Artificial Intelligence enabled solutions are becoming an integral part of our daily life and with time they are redefining the future of matchmaking. It is predicted that approximately 70% of the couples will meet online by 2040. Here are some unique features of AI because of which it is taking over the world of dating.

Artificial Intelligence - Online Dating

Smart Match

Popular dating apps have thousands if not millions of users. AI collates data of all those users to help you find a match that is closest to you.

Fake Profile Detection

Behaviour recognition technology has enabled these apps to track down bots and spam users. If you thought of creating 20 different Tinder profiles to increase your prospects of finding a match that may not be a very productive idea.

Personalized Experience

There are dozens of dating apps each using a unique data-driven technology to create a tailored match finding experience for you.

Unique Filters

Imagine you are looking specifically for someone who is a doctor, speaks your mother tongue, lives in Gurugram, loves travelling and is a die-hard fan of the Netflix drama "Suits". A newspaper add won't get you there. A dating app with the right description, keywords, and filters will. That's the magic of AI.

Broader Social Circle

With the advent of AI you don't have to restrict yourself to your neighbourhood, city or even country. Based on your interests, likes and passions AI can match you with someone from seven seas away and even facilitate conversations that were never thought possible. Dating apps are akin to a new kind of social platform catering to a specific crowd.


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