• Neha Agarwal

A Guide To Spotting Fake Profiles In Online Dating

Most applications and websites are armed with the technology to nip fake profiles in the bud. They have technology in place to detect spammers and bots alike. Thus online dating platforms are becoming safer. Also, with apps now placing excessive stress on verified profiles i.e. linking profiles with social media profiles, it is becoming harder for scammers to build an online presence. Nevertheless, we want to arm you with information against these fake profiles.

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Low-quality photos

These photos are usually taken off the internet and thus are really low quality. Also, the number of photos may not be many since finding many different photos of the same person online is difficult. Many times fake profiles also feature photos of lesser-known celebrities as well.

women drinking
Fake Profiles may purposely upload photos with unidentifiable faces

Less information on the profile

The number one give away of a fake profile is not having enough information on one’s profile. There will be one photo with a one-line description. Also if you strike up a conversation about the city they live or the college they have listed, they won't be able to keep up.

Empty social media networks

If you have found a match then make sure to scour their social media. Often, fake profiles do not invest time in building an online presence. Thus, their Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook may all be empty or have only one or two pictures at best.

social media applications
Lack of social media presence is a red flag.

Non-sensical messages

Fake Bots or robots with profiles are not very good with sensibly chatting like a human. Also, people who are only interested in stealing your information may not invest in the time in having an actual conversation so non-sensical messages are a big cue in detecting fake profiles.

Fake description

Some are more obvious than others. For example, “royalty”. Other times a fake description may sound completely off. For instance, a graduate in computer physics. Computational physics is a subject, computer physics is not.

Finally, a Pro tip: If you can, involve your friends once you do find a match. They may not be as emotionally invested as you are and thus can help you to catch hold of a fake. Good luck dating.


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