• Neha Agarwal

A Guide To Online Dating

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Want to up your online dating game but, don't know where to start? Or may be you have already tried your hands on a few things but, had no luck. Fret Not! We at Metby are here to help you find your perfect partner in crime.

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Online Dating is not about making a good first impression, quirky pick up lines or just good looks. It's also about honesty, resilience, patience and some smart work. ;)

Profile Picture

Your pictures should resemble you. Easier said than done. Some photos make us look way more gorgeous than we truly are and it is tempting to upload that photo but, it doesn’t help either party.

Not just selfies

Showcase your personality. Upload pictures of yourself doing what you like. That could be hanging out with your friends, trekking on a hill, exercising at the gym, having an ice cream or anything that allows the other person to imagine how you would be in person.

Share what you feel comfortable sharing

It’s okay to not share everything on your dating profile. Not many people are comfortable sharing details of their personal lives online. If you are averse to sharing personal contact information, there are plenty of dating apps that allow you to chat and voice call without sharing personal information at all. Check out everything about the Best Dating Apps in India here.

Write about real things

Use your bio to the fullest. If you laugh while watching horror movies write that. If you like Biryani write that. Out there, there is a person who’s looking for someone like you. It’s important they know those little things about you to find you.

Don’t put all your eggs into one basket

Or in dating terms, don’t expect the one person you are talking to is going to change your life. It’s okay to talk to more than one person in the initial phase when you are just getting to know people.

Don’t force yourself to talk to someone you cannot connect with

No, I’m not suggesting you ghost them. Too often we put up a facade to safeguard other people’s feelings but, politely declining conversation with a person you are not into saves them and you from being hurt and wasting time.

Don’t be discouraged

Sometimes you scroll and don’t find anyone. Sometimes you find someone and they turn out to be completely different. But, don’t give up yet! Take a break if you want to. Initiate conversations with people you can imagine hanging out with and not just because they are drop dead gorgeous. And maybe you will get to the best part of online dating: not doing it anymore because you found the perfect one.


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