• Rishika Chaudhary

7 Reasons That You Must Travel Alone

A trip with your travel buddy, friends, and family can be very exciting and rewarding and your vacations end up with a lot of experiences, laughter, and memories, and the bond between you all strengthens.

However, traveling alone on a solo trip can be an entirely different experience. Every day on a solo trip is an adventure. It's just you and your backpack roaming freely into the wild.

It cannot get much easier to travel solo than it is right now. As technology expands to all corners of the globe, everything from booking hotel rooms to staying in touch with family is incredibly easy – and totally doable on your own.

From someone who has traveled solo to countries on six different continents, I'm here to let you know that solo travel doesn't have to be scary or daunting. In fact, traveling on your own can be incredibly fun and liberating!

If you're considering trying solo travel for yourself, I decided to put together some tips for what to do before you leave home, as well as what to expect once you're on the road.

Smartly Choose Your Destination

I get asked all the time about the “best” places to travel solo. And while the answer ultimately depends on you and what you're interested in, I do have a handful of destinations that I recommend for first-timers.

Essentially, you'll want to find a place where you won't run into a huge language barrier; a place where the locals are friendly and helpful; and a place where you'll feel safe on your own.

Pack Less

You'll, of course, want to take the weather forecast into account when you're putting together your packing list, but you also should do a little homework into whether or not there are any cultural standards that you should know about before you go. Dress codes (especially for women) can vary from country to country, especially in more conservative parts of the world.

Make A Communication Plan

Don't be surprised if family and friends express some worry about your solo travel plans. Traveling solo is still somewhat outside the norm in many communities, and it's often viewed as being a dangerous pursuit – doubly so if you're female.

The good news is that it's never been easier to stay in touch when you're traveling. Wifi can be found even in remote areas, and it's much easier than it used to be to pick up a local SIM card for your phone.

You Can Discover Yourself

One thing you can be certain of is that by the end of your travels you’ll know yourself much better than you did at the start – hopefully that will be a good thing. You'll have a clearer view of what you enjoy and what you prefer to avoid, from your own first-hand experience, uninfluenced by what someone else felt.

You Can Find New You

You can inject a bit of challenge into your life which might otherwise be on autopilot.

You may have noticed that none of the reasons above have to do with being single. Solo travel is about much more than that. For this reason, people become hooked on solo travel, and, whether partnered or not, it becomes a requirement to keep balance in life.

It Will Make You Brave

If you are traveling with another, you will doubt it will be safe or not you will start imagining you trekked into a Volcano crater at night in the world. Don't worry this won't happen traveling solo means traveling without another’s opinions, and fears. Solo travel makes you brave.”

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