• Neha Agarwal

10 Questions To Keep Your Conversation Going

How many times has it happened that we are texting our crush and suddenly we run out of topics? We curated a list of 10 questions to ask to keep your conversation going. Before you set about asking these questions,

  • Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what would your answer be.

  • Context is everything. So set a precedent and ask the one specific question you have selected to ask.

  • Have a conversation prepared for at least 30 seconds. Your conversation should be centred around their answer. Don't jump to another question after they have answered one. This is not a test.

What's your weirdest deal-breaker?

Ask this if you have been talking about previous dates or their work.

What is the worst present anyone has ever given you?

If either of you has their birthday coming up or it is around Christmas you can set a precedent by saying "Do you know the worst gift I have received is a ...". And then ask them the question after they react to your anecdote.

What's something everyone else loves that you think is totally overrated?

I immediately thought of Paneer when I read this question. That is totally over-rated even for vegetarians.

What's something everyone else hates that you love?

Think of a movie or a series. It will be easier for your crush to answer this question if there's an example.

If you could travel through time, would you explore the past or see the future?

Ask your crush this question and maybe take the opposite stance. A debate is always a good way to extend a conversation.

What would you do if I told you how hot you are?

That's just straight away flirty. Be careful with that one and use it only when you have been talking for some time.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

If your crush is shy, add options very different from each other. For example, Beach or Mountains, Goa or Shimla, city or country-side.

What’s your favourite quote?

Like I said have an example prepared. Here's mine.

"Life is a tragedy when seen in close up but a comedy in long-shot." - Charlie Chaplin

What’s the worst advice anyone has ever given you?

Take the lead and share a funny story of the worst advice given. A sob-story is a no-no for new relationships.

What's something you are terrified to try, but you want to anyway?

As a final piece of advice, try to be honest in your conversations. The point of speaking to your crush to get to know them and not to impress them, contrary to popular opinion.


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